Heritage Projects

Forest with Sunbeams streaming through

Forest Discovery Trail

This easy-to-hike, ½ mile trail winds its way through the mixed white pine and hemlock stand behind the mansion.

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Laurel Hill Burial Ground

Laurel Hill Burial Ground

Milford, PA’s first cemetery, where the oldest grave dates to 1810, was the burial site for many early residents, including several generations of the Pinchot family.

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Milford Experimental Forest Walk

Milford Experimental Forest

An overview about the Forest will be provided shortly. Including the reintroduction of the American Chestnut tree.

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along the Broad Street in Milford, PA

The Pinchots & Milford Walking Tour

The Tour takes visitors to 15 sites in Milford, PA that were built by, or used by, Pinchot family members.

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