Photo Policy at Grey Towers

UAS and Drones

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), including drones and the ground-based controller, currently are not permitted anywhere within the 102 acres that comprise Grey Towers National Historic Site.

Formal/Private Photo Sessions

Formal/Private photo sessions are welcomed at Grey Towers at certain times of the day, certain times of the year and in certain locations. Guidelines have been developed so that private photo sessions do not interfere with regular site functions, visitors or programs/tours.

REVIEW: Guidelines for Conducting Formal/Private Photography Sessions and Commercial Filming at Grey Towers.

COMPLETE: Formal/Private Photography and Commercial Filming Request Form, which must be received at least 2 weeks prior to your proposed date. US Forest Service staff will work with you to determine the best time and location for your photo session.

When a professional photographer is employed, the photographer will complete/submit the photo request as the “Applicant.

Commercial Filming and Still Photography for other than personal use

Commercial filming and still photography must adhere to additional US Forest Service guidelines and may require a Special Use Permit. Please complete the Formal/Private Photography and Commercial Filming Request Form and submit for review.

Special Use Permits may require further information, associated fees and proof of liability insurance.