Char Miller, Ph.D.

Chard Miller, PhDTerm: Summer 2012



I have been spoiled. Very spoiled. I have always loved Grey Towers, having worked with its extraordinary staff since the late 1980s. Even more ideal was the ten days I spent at Grey Towers in the summer of 2012: freed from daily distractions and obligations (even email!), aided by a knowledgeable and generous staff, and nestled into the quiet scholar’s tower office, I could read, reflect, and write. All day, every day. A dream come true! As dreamy was the book that emerged from this intensive effort, Seeking the Greatest Good, a study that melds together the histories of Grey Towers, the Pinchot Institute, the Pinchot family, and the Forest Service (see list below).

Past Works:

Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot (2013) (Book)

Death Valley National Park: A History (2013) (Book)

On the Edge: Water, Immigration and Politics in the Southwest (2013) (Book)

Public Lands/Public Debates: A Century of Controversy (2012) (Book)

Ground Work: Conservation in American Culture (2007) (Book)

Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism (2001; 2004) (Book)

The Greatest Good: 100 Years of Forestry in America (1999) (Book)