Jared Farmer, Ph.D.

Jared FarmerTerm: Fall 2011

Contact: jaredfarmer.net


While at Grey Towers, Jared Farmer (Associate Professor of history at Stony Brook University) worked on the manuscript of his book Trees in Paradise: A California History (Norton, 2013). Trees in Paradise is a history of the Golden State told through the famous trees—specifically, four genera that have become state icons: redwoods, eucalypts, citruses, and palms.

In 2014, the Forest History Society awarded Prof. Farmer the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Award for best book in forest and conservation history for Trees in Paradise.


“The Forest Service staff at Grey Towers was most accommodating. What a treat to wander and work among the belongings of Gifford Pinchot while writing a history of forests and trees! I was also happy to get to know Milford, a nice small town with many historic buildings.”

Major works:

Trees in Paradise: A California History, W. W. Norton, 2013.
On Zion’s Mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape, Harvard University Press, 2008.
Glen Canyon Dammed: Inventing Lake Powell and the Canyon Country, The University of Arizona Press, 1999.

Survival of the Oldest: the Past and Future of the Ancient Trees, Under contract 2019.