Jenny Price, Ph.D.

Jenny PriceTerm: Winter 2016



I used my time at Grey Towers to work on Stop Saving the Planet!: A 12-Step Guide for 21st-Century Environmentalists—a short book that critiques the deeply American and historically powerful “save the planet” way of thinking about environmental problems and solutions.

What I do more generally:

I work on public arts & humanities projects in a range of formats, as a writer, public artist, and historian—with a focus on environment and public space topics.


“What a huge treat to be at Grey Towers—working in a beautiful tower in a bucolic landscape, living in a lovely farmhouse on the edge of a beautiful historic town that is itself on the edge of Delaware Water Gap. The staff was terrific, and I was seriously inspired by the spirit of Gifford Pinchot—by his progressivism and by his insistence on thinking hard about how to use and inhabit environments.”

A few other projects:

Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America (Basic Books, 1999)

Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in LA,” Believer, Apr & May 2006

Los Angeles Urban Rangers, public art collective, 2004-present

Our Malibu Beaches, mobile phone app (on iTunes & Google Play), with Escape Apps, 2013-present