The Life and Legacy of Dianna Levine

The Members of the Grey Towers Heritage Association join with the Forest Service staff of Grey Towers National Historic Site to celebrate the life and legacy of Dianna Levine. Like her beloved Cornelia Pinchot, Dianna was a “force of nature.”

Dianna was an active member of the GTHA Board and a docent volunteer since 2013. She embraced her role as a docent, enthusiastically spending years of Sundays giving tours and inspiring visitors in her mission to spread appreciation for conservation, Grey Towers, Gifford Pinchot, and, of course, her Cornelia!
Dianna loved her research and would spend many fruitful hours discovering historical facts and stories about Grey Towers, the Pinchot family, and all related to conservation education.Her love for Grey Towers expanded to helping with research in the cemetery and other areas that the public was interested in. She would gladly share her discoveries with all of us and was truly the definition of a lifelong learner. We were privileged to peruse her purple binder, which contained a vast collection of her research.  Dianna was responsible for recruiting(charming) many past and present volunteers and members of GTHA.

Dianna authored a collection of Cornelia’s quotes entitled” Cornelia Bryce Pinchot: Activist for Social Change and the Grand Lady of Grey Towers.”  She assisted in a 2-year Bait Box exhibit dedicated to Cornelia and presented a historical lecture on Cornelia as part of the GTHA Lecture Series.

Ultimately, we will miss her smile, her energy, and her passion. We continue to be inspired by her scholarship, her enthusiasm, and her memory. Her legacy of written products, research, dedication to educating the public, and more, will remain a part of Grey Towers history, now and into the future.

Rest in peace.

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volunteer and historian, Dianna Levine
Dianna Levine with a photo of Cornelia Pinchot