Brian Balogh

Brian BaloghTerm: Fall 2010



Brian Balogh continuing his research on “Gifford Pinchot and the Tangled Roots of Modern American Governance” while at Grey Towers. Through his intellectual history of Pinchot, Dr. Balogh illustrates the rise of the national administrative state, and how Pinchot did not draw a bold line between public or private, national or local, mandated or market- driven mechanisms.

Rather, he and other Progressive and New Era state builders drew upon long-standing American preferences for the use of intermediary institutions, ranging from the professions to interest groups, as well as market mechanisms, to enhance national authority while ameliorating long-standing antistatist criticism.


“Thanks for making my visit so productive and enjoyable. I got much more out of it than expected. I came home with an excellent “feel” for Gifford and his family, not to mention their beautiful house, grounds, and waterfall. I was also impressed by the willingness and professional standards of the staff.”