Trees of Grey Towers

You are about to meet over 30 prominent members of Grey Towers’ tree community. Most are American born, though some arrived here from Europe and Asia.

Grey Towers National Heritage Site

Along the way, you’ll learn some interesting information like which tree was Gifford Pinchot’s favorite, why one tree is called a pioneer, and what menace is killing the State Tree of Pennsylvania.

You’ll find out the name of the famous Civil War general who planted the sugar maple growing near the mansion, and which tree woods are used to make baseball bats, golf club heads and gun stocks.

Discover the tree fruit that was once used to flavor gin, and which flying mammal hides under the bark of one of our native trees.

This is the website portion of the Tree Trail. You can pick up The Trees of Grey Towers Brochure at Grey Towers National Historic Site. While you are at Grey Towers you will also have the ability to scan QR codes that will take you to each tree own page. If you do not have a QR scanner go to your app store and download a version. You may also use the alphabetically ordered tree list accessed by the arrow at the top right corner of this screen or by coordinating the Tree Trail number with the numeral navigation at the bottom of this screen. We hope you enjoy this guide.

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